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In late-nineties Liverpool my parents went to see the local pandit (a man of the temple) to ask him for an auspicious letter that my given name would begin with, as per Hindu custom. After much stargazing and astrology, the pandit told my parents that my name should begin with ‘S’.


Meanwhile, India were touring England, and a 23-year-old bloke called Tendulkar had already established himself as an integral member of the Indian side. He proceeded to pummel England and add another couple of Test tonnes to his burgeoning collection. For my parents, this was more than just a happy coincidence - it was written in the stars. They simply had to name me after The Great Man. The rest, as they say, is… a tale of mispronounced names and disappointment. 


I grew up in Liverpool, except for a year-long excursion to India at the age of 12, where I tried honing my skills as a leg-spinner on the dust bowl streets of Punjab, against the other Indian cricket team hopefuls in my neighbourhood. However, while my stock delivery was half-decent, my inability to develop the wrong ’un (ironic, huh?) majorly hindered my chances of making it to the big time. It also became painfully clear that I actually didn’t have any athletic ability either.


I made the decision to abandon hopes of becoming a professional cricketer for India, and instead decided to dedicate myself to becoming an Indian cricket fanboy. Besides the name, I had all the essential qualities for the job: fanaticism, stubbornness, and myopia. I soon turned professional, and it’s a career I’ve loved ever since.


Outside of the emotionally-draining, full-time job that is supporting India, I’ve completed a Mathematics degree in my spare time, and qualified as a teacher whilst (mis)educating youths in Liverpool. Currently, I’m recovering from both India’s painful World Cup semi-final loss to New Zealand, and New Zealand’s even more painful ‘loss’ to England in the final. For some light relief in between, I’m studying for a Master’s in Theoretical Physics. 


I’ll mainly bring coverage and opinions on India to The Wrong ‘Un, hopefully with the occasional dash of statistical analysis. And by the way, if you hadn’t already guessed, you should expect a lot of love for Virat Kohli and a lot of hate for Ben Stokes.


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