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PODCAST | India vs England, Day 2, 1st Test

🇮🇳🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿2️⃣ 1st Test. Day 2. India come back with a vengeance. Well not really. It was England who returned with yet more impressive batting, and Ollie, Max, Sach and Bertie give you the rundown of everything the day had to offer.

We're came for a second course in a potential 20 course meal of daily podcasts. So if we were in a posh tasting menu we're still in the canapes. Much like this Test match as everything is about to get interesting. England post 555-8 at the close of play and soon it will be the job of Virat Kohli's men to try and match it on a pitch resembling the main road from Chennai to Bengaluru. Then we can all celebrate a draw.

But as Sach will explain in Spillling the Chai, that pitch may evolve. Elsewhere there's Nick Knight love and hate and Ben Stokes offers some ante-upping with the bat.

An extra thirty added by Bess and Leach at the end of the day firmly put England in the driving seat, but whether England have the ability to take 20 wickets will finally be put to the test.

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