• Bertie Moores

PODCAST | #25 England-India Preview & Tag Team Wrestlers

TWU brings up it's first true milestone. The Tim Paine century: 25, a number the great Australian captain would be proud of.

With Parry in and Aggarwal out for today expect a loss of Indian analysis and a sudden injection of unfounded claims and chaos which Bertie struggles to control and rein in. A disaster for his new edit free streamlined production process.

England head to India in their first big test of an absolute bumper year of cricket for them as the 1st Test in Chennai marks the first of 9 clashes between two of cricket's heavyweights. Today we look at England's setup from top to bottom and whether they've got even a chance of winning one match. That and Embuldeniya, Dickwella and Tag Team Wrestling.

Show Highs:

- Joe Root praises

- England top order struggles analysis

- Expectations for India

- Dickwella Dickwella

- Wrestling

Show Lows:

- Max's bat manufacturing outsourcing claims

- Max claiming Keaton Jennings loves India more than anywhere else on earth

- Billy Root's appearances at The Root Academy

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