What is The Wrong 'Un?

Cricket news, opinion, analysis, podcasts and videos from top young cricket contributors, all in one place. The Wrong 'Un is where cricket coverage for real fans lives.


Removed from large outlets packed with the same old reporting and coverage from a selection of retired players, The Wrong 'Un is a platform from young cricket writers and podcasters who want to combine insightful analysis with our love and passion for the game as supporters from the outside. 

Varied, and engaging in a range of multimedia formats and styles, TWU is for everyone who loves cricket in all its gloriously diverse twenty-first century guises, and is designed to be consumed in any form the audience wishes, be it via text, audio or video, online, on Spotify or on YouTube. 

Why did we start TWU?

The four of us were all involved in sports and cricket coverage on Purple Radio at Durham University and found that much of the cricket writing and programming around - as accomplished and professional as it is - often lacked simple elements of variety and fan enjoyment of the game. 

After university, we wanted to create a platform for young cricket writers and broadcasters to extol and revel in their love for the game, not only for their own enjoyment but also to obtain tangible experience to take into broadcasting and journalism careers. Writing a one-dimensional personal blog didn't offer that same opportunity. Anyone who loves cricket and wants to become a part of TWU can contact us through the Join  page.

With diverse skills from podcast production to statistical obsession, we hope to offer something polished and varied that never strays from the fun and oddities which make the game so special.